Thursday, August 07, 2008

to continue the theme. . .

of running, that is . . .

i bought a new pair of shoes in honor of my marathon training. i actually bought them because my feet pronate slightly and i'll kill my knees if i keep running in my old shoes. ladies and gentlemen, friends and readers of all ages, i present my brandnew asic 2130s:

my shoes are a pretty white, black & cherry, though, which is an important distinction.

my new kicks arrived in the mail yesterday and so i brocked them in this morning. as a kid growing up, my dad always used to tease me when i got new tennis shoes. "show me how fast they make you run. how high can you jump now?" even as a kid, i knew that shoes don't make an athlete.
or do they?

i got up at 6am this morning to run before michael and luke got up. i rubbed the sleep from my eyes, popped my earbuds in my ears and laced up my new shoes. and, i took off.

i knew when i started that i was running faster than normal. seriously. i couldn't believe it! as i neared the park i usually run by, i knew i was ahead of my normal time. and then, i looked at my watch: 8:45. over a minute faster than normal.
and the only thing different was my shoes.
20-odd years later, i must admit, my dad was right afterall.

maybe i should attempt to break the world record in the high jump.

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Les and Shannon said...

Lovin' the entry!
Nathan definitely needs to hit the gym with mommy and daddy to build up those muscles!