Tuesday, September 09, 2008

ha! i won!

i'm rather competitive. i love to win and won't play a game if i don't think i have a fighting chance. i don't really understand the phrase just playing for fun. it's a game. you play to win.

just ask michael.

when we were brand newly married, like two days back from our honeymoon, we thought it might be fun to play chess together. it was fun for about three turns. then i lost. and i lost again.

and again.

and again.

i'm not above using sneaky tactics to win. one afternoon, while michael was in class, i researched beginning chess strategies online and discovered a play i could use to beat him in two, count 'em, two moves. he came home and i challenged him to a chess duel convinced him to play a friendly game with me.

two moves later, i did the happy dance all around our comfy living room. the i promptly put the chess pieces away. they haven't made an appearance since.

is it wrong that i get the same sense of thrill from teasing lukie?

this evening i was feeding him a rather healthful dinner of yogurt, green beans and baby puffs. he's not quite sure yet that he likes yogurt, but he really digs green beans. so, we started with yogurt and he ate several bites before we tackled the beans. being sneaky, i tried switching back to the yogurt, but luke was on to me and wouldn't have any of it. . . as long as i held the bowl of yogurt. but, if i picked up the green beans and still fed him yogurt, he'd eat it. eagerly.

at least for a couple bites. finally, he got a really confused look on his face and said, nananananana, which translates, mommy! what are you doing to me?! then he promptly clamped his little mouth shut.

i almost fell out of my chair. it was so cute and hilarious and thrilling and heart-wrenching all at the same time.

maybe i have a child who loves to win as much as i do.


Les and Shannon said...

I fear my son is the same way! He hates to lose and does not want to give in to my sneaky tactics! I had to mix stuff together for Nathan to eat certain foods. How I miss the days of baby food that mixed together so easily. It's a little hard to sneak in real green beans!

3cookieday said...

Ooooh, what's the two-move chess strategy?!! I hate to lose, but I especially hate to lose to my hubby. We don't play games against each other very often anymore.

Anonymous said...

But I remember a time when you cheated (and of course Ken and didn't notice) but the beauty was that we still won and you lost!! Remember? Good 'ole Southport Road House Days! Hey, by the way, I found your blog, were you trying to hide from me??? Barb