Tuesday, September 02, 2008

lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

i was off work yesterday and michael worked hard to get his school work finished, so we took luke to the ft. worth zoo. we'd never been, but had heard great things about it.

the zoo was really nice -- well decorated, well landscaped, well laid-out. the exhibits were nice and most of them were fairly large. however, we were really disappointed by the animals that weren't there. several of our favorites, including the polar bear and dolphins, didn't have exhibits. bummer!

but we did see sleeping lions, where the tigers would have been had it not been the hottest part of a warm day, and a panting bear. oh my!

most of our photos are really boring, actually, and we didn't get any good ones of lukie. but here's a fun one.

dust bath, anyone?

that's all i got. time to get busy on something a little more productive!

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The Couch Clan said...

FUN TIMES! That picture is actually very funny! I can't tell if it's the front or back of the elephant, but it's very fitting for your blog, Senor!