Monday, October 06, 2008

how i met your father: our love story, part ii

the first interaction i remember having with said runner was the following weekend, after he watched me wave from my parents’ front porch as he drove away. a group of us were party-hoppin’ and it just made sense for me to ride with him to another graduation party.

daniel, jamie and i piled into michael’s white 91 ford tempo. while i didn’t know daniel or michael well, jamie was the younger brother of one of my good friends, so at least i didn’t feel too weird with these guys. we had a long drive to the next party – the house of a friend who lived a good 45 minutes away. what does a girl discuss for that long with three guys she hardly knows?

as it turns out, all things awkward.

michael was a bill cosby fan and had a tape of cosby’s stand-up comedy. we listened while we drove down winding roads and passed cornfield after cornfield. we attempted to mimic cosby’s fat albert and laughed, captivated by cosby’s story-telling humor.

fortunately, bill cosby is mostly family-friendly.


one sketch on the tape caught me instantly. cosby divulges his discovery of midol. he talks about how great the two little pills were a killing his headache and how he quickly became a believer, rushing to the drug store after he took the last ones in his wife’s bottle. he even gushes his surprise that they had no side-effects: his voice didn’t get higher, for example.

he just gets really moody once a month. ba-dum ching.

michael and i were in the front seat laughing, when i realized the back of the car was utterly silent. don’t you guys get it? michael asked.

they didn’t. and, as the only girl in the car, michael insisted that i explain the joke. while each of these guys had a sister, i grew up without brothers. and, even as an 18-year-old, talking about feminine things with guys was just, well, weird. and awkward.

very, very awkward.

i wanted to jump out of the car and walk the 45-minute drive back to my own car.

and when i finished explaining, daniel and jamie still didn’t think the joke was funny. perhaps it had something to do with my incoherent babbling. which had nothing to do, yet, with the skinny runner sitting next to me speeding down the winding road.


Annie and Jeremy said...

I'm loving your story! You're a great writer! Can't wait to hear more! :)

Shell said...

Oh that would make me crazy! Great story :)