Friday, October 10, 2008

time freeze

i have the privilege of being the mom of a very active almost-one-year-old. probably every mom thinks she has an active child.

but, seriously? i do.

he doesn't stop except for when he's asleep. or strapped down, and even then his feet and arms are going everywhere. he's social and so he wants to be with me. he follows me from room to room around the house getting into whatever draws and cabinets are in that room. and, he thinks he wants to be held, so he whines to be picked up, only to realize he wants down again. he's pretty good at straight-arming to communicate that point!

i love his energy. its fun and i can see that raising a boy is going to be an adventure.

because luke is so active, since he woke up to life at three months, he rarely falls asleep in our arms. rarely. but you know what? there is something oh-so-very special about those moments that he does. because they are so rare.

this afternoon was one of those days that i wanted to freeze time. luke and i met my good friend (and co-worker) for lunch at on the border. he was fantastic! he loved watching people. he couldn't get enough of watching the servers run around refilling drinks and delivering food.

and eating. he loved the eating. he ate most of my refried beans and a taste of guac. in addition to his own lunch of applesauce and cereal. being a hoosier, it's quite obvious to me that i birthed a texan. i doubt i was eating guacamole at a year old.

he smiled and talked and giggled at ginny throughout lunch, trying to touch her face and grabbing at her ring. he played with his duck and ate his cheerios and hardly fussed at all.

we came home after our busy outing and i knew he was tired. i carried him to his crib and he started to cry. when luke was a teeny baby, i started singing jesus loves me to him each night before bed. singing is one of the few things that calms him. so, we grabbed his fluppy dawg and i sat down in the rocker with my precious boy on my lap.

and i sang.

as i started to sing, he buried his head in fluppy and closed his eyes. i sang about God being my vision and wisom, about Jesus loving the little children, and about Jesus' name being like the fragrance after the rain.

and my boy fell asleep with his head against my chest as i stroked his cheek and sang about our Lord.

i wanted the moment to last a life-time.


Les and Shannon said...

those are the moments you never forget!

Shell said...

What an amazing post! :)

thediaperdiaries said...

what a precious post. Nothing is better than snuggling a sleepy baby.

Desiree' said...

Oh, absolutely nothing better in life. I think that is how our Lord longs to be with us. and yes, it sounds like you are raising a Texan with the guac and all! :)

The Mitchells said...

that's a great mental do a great job of making it easy for us to be there with you in your moment

Elbie said...

Yes...I am back in blog world. I want to thank you and Michael for being so great at the funeral. Friends like you are priceless.

Dianne said...

This is great info to know.