Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i've got a hot date on friday!

those who know our family in real life know that my husband is extremely frugal (earlier this week, i called him cheap, but i don't think he'd like the entire world wide web to think he's cheap, so we'll stick with frugal).

he just asked me to go on a date with him this friday.

to chipotle.

each year on halloween, chipotle gives away free burritos to guests who come in wearing tinfoil. our chipotle is handing out burritos from 6-8pm on friday. don't miss out!

for a free burrito, i'll wear tinfoil. maybe i'll dress as the tin man this year.

luke is going to chipotle as a burrito.

i'll provide photos later because i'm sure it will be a hoot.

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