Wednesday, May 06, 2009

30til30: day 26, elisabeth elliot and five aspects of woman

i have 30 days until i celebrate my 30th year of life. i thought i would share with you 30 people, events and situations that have shaped my life and who i want to be. it has been very challenging to come up with 30…i hope it inspires you as it has me. this part of the list is in no particular order.

day 26: elisabeth elliot and five aspects of woman bible study

i was young and single, though seriously dating michael, and had yet to form my convictions about many things. specifically, my conviction on how a relationship between a husband and wife should look. i knew i eventually wanted to be a wife and mom, but aside from that, hadn’t given much thought to what i wanted my marriage to be.

michael had given the issue thought. a great deal of it, in fact. and his views differed greatly from those of one of my good friends.

she didn’t think michael and i should continue our relationship, going as far to tell me that i was na├»ve in some of my thinking. she thought i was setting myself up for heartache. and, that i should break up with michael.

at the same time, i worked through a bible study called the five aspects of woman. the study is an in-depth look at femininity in the bible and how God designed women. it was encouraging and, at a very pivotal point in my life, helped me to establish convictions about a very sensitive subject.

the same semester, i also read a book by elisabeth elliot, let me be a woman, a book she wrote to her daughter as her daughter was about to be married. many of the things she wrote to her daughter gave me the freedom to live as i believed God had created me to live, despite the hostility my friend showed.

our culture sends us a multitude of messages regarding femininity. if it hadn’t been for elisabeth and the five aspects bible study, it would have been much more difficult to have settled myself into the role i believe God has called me.

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