Friday, July 24, 2009

seven quick takes

this morning i'm participating in seven quick takes hosted by jennifer at conversion diary. its a great way to get bloggers (me...) to post things they wouldn't ordinarily post. or, to just post in general. which is fun. i think. so, here you go.

1) i had oatmeal and peaches for breakfast this morning. that's a big deal. i haven't had oatmeal since i found out i am pregnant -- and i love it. especially with a tasty peach. however, my midwife doesn't love for me to eat it. she wants me to eat lots of protein especially for breakfast. today, i rebelled. it was delicious. it was a fabulous decision. i have one more peach so i might rebel again tomorrow. shhhh...don't tell!

2) two nights ago, michael was running a bath for luke and stepped out of the bathroom. he returned to find our little man sitting in the tub, clothed, up to his waist in water. it was hiliarious. crocs, diaper, shorts and a huge grin. he was also still clutching his kitchen utensils (his new favorite toys). he was so proud of himself. for the record, we have huge garden-style bathtubs -- they're hard to get in and out of.

3) i woke up yesterday with a head cold. it stinks. i feel crummy and, between the baby scrunching my lungs and the congestion in my head, i can't breathe. and, being 35 weeks pregnant, there's not much i can take. ugh. i got a bad cold close to luke's birth, too. it really is no fun. i'm hoping this one doesn't move into my chest. hoping and praying.

4) my husband started a blog. wow-zah! i'm not allowed to share the link with you yet. i tried to the other day and he pitched a "man fit." once he's ready to unvail it, y'all will be some of the first to know. he's using it to post his notes from sunday school lessons and to job search. he also has a link to video clips of luke and a fun slide show.

5) michael had a phone interview earlier this week with a church in canada. we could become canucks. it seems like a neat church not far from winnipeg. he's the only american they are still considering, though they are also looking at a handful of canadians. like all his phone interviews, we'll see what happens.

6) we're about to become van owners, which makes me a mini-van mom. how did i end up here?! and i think i'm actually excited about it. God dropped this opportunity in our lap, we were able to sell our smaller car, and have the cash to buy the van. so, we're going for it. the problem is that the van currently lives 1000 miles away. anyone from indiana want to make a trip to see us? and drive our new van?

7) luke is talking up a storm. michael said recently he'll remember this july as the month of words. luke's newest word, as of this morning, is "na-dle," as in the noodle pool toy (we've spent not just a little time at the pool this summer). we're working on two word sentences, but he's pretty stubborn and doesn't like to combine the words when we ask. it's funny. and fun to see him learning and growing! my little boy is getting so big.


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Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

hey, if i wasn't UBER pregnant, i would totally make the trip down there w/ your van! i have family in TX, so it would be way fun. but alas, these little ones keep us pretty close to home, especially in the 3rd trimester. i can just imagine hearing my midwife's cautions if i told her i was making a 1000-mile trek to TX and back at 32 weeks pregnant. ha!

Sarah M. said...

I was born in Canada because my dad's first pastoring gig was also up there! If it comes through and you need some tips, I'll connect you with my mom. ( :