Saturday, July 11, 2009

what am i supposed to do again?

here i am sitting a rather quiet panera. after all three of us slept in this morning, michael gave me the morning "off" and took luke for "dough-dos" (read: donuts) at the shop next door. i love panera bagels. i love the free wifi. it's a perfect fit for a quiet morning alone.

but it's been so long since i've had time to sit and write, uninterrupted. what am i supposed to do again? i've spent the last 15 minutes surfing other blogs and sites. it's so hard to get started...

how about an update on what we're doing right now in the "waiting?"

we're trying diligently to prepare for baby cheerio and for our major move, but with so many things up in the air, it's difficult to plan. neither of us really wants to live out of boxes for two (or more) months. that makes any sort of packing tough. last week, i organized all of lukes clothes, from newborn to what he just out-grew or is out-of-season. four tubs worth. that doesn't count what i set aside to give away. thanks to many generous friends who have passed clothes along to us, the child was not in danger of going naked! and, if this next child is a boy, he'll be well-clothed as well.

this week, my project is to organize my clothes. i have tons of stuff that, obviously, doesn't fit right now...and won't fit for awhile. my goals is to get everything that i can't currently wear or is out-of-season out of my closet and into tubs for easy moving. this will probably be a bigger task than luke's clothes (which i finished in an afternoon) because at least his clothes were already somewhat organized by size. i'm starting from scratch here. but, having those two things done will help me feel so much better about organizing for these two life-changing events.

after clothes, i'm moving onto books. my books need to be sorted and packed. before we moved to seminary, i once told michael i'd love to have an entire room devoted to a library, with built in shelves and books all around the room. he thought i was out of my mind. just use the library or borrow from a friend, he said. but now, four years later, my faithful husband is dangerously close to having a love-affair with his books. it's become a joke to us that now that he has more books than i do, he understand why i want a library. we might actually have one some day... he loves his books!

hopefully, our children will inherit the same love of reading, though perhaps in more moderation than their parents!

i'm trying to talk to luke more about what it means for us to have a baby. it's hard to know what he understands since he's still gaining verbal skills, but since he understands more than he can say, i figured it doesn't hurt to talk about it. he goes to the midwife with me, so we've started talking (meaning, i'm telling him) that we'll go to the doctor to help get the baby out of mommy. babies cry and mommy will need to feed the baby. he'll be a good big brother and can be a good helper to mommy. big boys wear shoes and run and play; babies can't do those things.

when we've asked where our baby is, luke has for awhile pointed to my ever-expanding stomach (or my chest, whichever seems to be easiest from his position). the other night, while playing with an older girl, he held a doll and talked about the baby. so, he gets the concept.

but baby cheerio is certainly going to rock his world!


Shel said...

Katherine. Where were you the last two times I packed our home and moved? You sound so methodical and organized. You're going to be in great shape! The best part about packing to me is "cleaning out" stuff you no longer want (to make room for more that will inevitably come, right?). My problem is leaving piles and piles of undone "sorting" to do, even now two months after we've moved. (Okay it's not all mine). Anyway, good luck with the packing- putting your nesting instincts to intense use, eh? : )

Bethany said...

I can't wait to here all about the new baby! I talked to your mother-in-law the other day. It was fun to catch up a little on what has been going on. Doug and I think of you all and pray for you often.