Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I was tagged :) I actually think this was just a way for Shannon to convince me to update my blog!

10 Years Ago: I was a freshman at Anderson University. I had just had the cartlidge in my left ear pierced and was the co-editor for the campus newspaper. But, I was having fun being out on my own. I did a lot of crazy (but legal) things my freshman year :)

On My To-Do List Today:
1. Have breakfast with Matt and Ashley (one of my CARES Teams) to encourage them and help resource them as a CARES Team -- check!
2. Drop off a CARES recruiting DVD at the church -- check!
3. Run by Kroger for a couple quick items -- check!
4. Call the rest of my property managers to get their email addresses for billing -- check!
5. Call several FBD members who are interested in partnering with a CARES Team -- check!
6. Communicate with several potential CARES Teams who are in process of being placed at a CARES Community -- check!
7. Take a yummy coconut creme pie to our office staff -- check!
8. Attend our Sunday School class service team meeting -- that will be later tonight.
9. Relax with my husband after Luke is in bed -- hopefully

What Would I Do If Suddenly Became a Billionaire: Gosh! I'm not really sure. If it were today, I'd put away enough for us to live on while Michael finished school so that I could devote my time to our family and CARES ministry (though I do love my job!) Then, I would probably give most of it. And, Michael would want to fund retirement savings :) I want to travel, too. I'd love to go to Italy and other places in Europe. And, of course, shop til I dropped (which wouldn't take long as I'm not a huge shopper! ;)

Three Of My Bad Habits:
Being lazy
Being disorganized

5 Jobs I've Had:
1. Karate instructor for kids and adults
2. Editor of our university newspaper
3. White-water rafting and outdoor adventure guide
4. Area Director for Apartment Life
5. Wife and mommy -- I agree with Shannon that this one is best! :)

5 Things People Don't Know About Me:
1. I've broken my nose three times.
2. I'd move to Colorado in a heartbeat (I'm not so much of a city girl and love the outdoors).
3. When I was four-years-old (or so), I told my mom I wanted to be "one of those people who tell others about Jesus" when I grew up -- and so I married a preacher man ;)
4. When Lukas was born, I didn't have any pain medicine and I'd hope to have the rest of our kids (five-ish?) that way. It was a fabulous experience, the most difficult thing I've ever done, but incredibly empowering.
5. Michael and I dated off and one for FIVE years before we were married.

Here are the 5 people I am tagging.....
Suzanne, Rebecca, Missy, Desiree and Kandice

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Les and Shannon said...

Yay for an update! It was fun to learn about you - you had some REALLY COOL jobs! That is when I got my cartilage pierced also!