Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday Parties Galore!

gosh. i haven't posted in over a month. once i'm working only part-time (starting may 2 -- oh yeah!), i will try to do better about posting more regularly.

anyway, i've had lots i wanted to write about over the last month: the death of a high school friend, how things are going with my job, the things judah has been up to . . . but, instead of pondering deep thoughts tonight, i will post a photo of luke's very first birthday party :)

lukas went to the first birthday party of his good friend nathan. you might wonder how he and nathan got to be good friends since there is a huge (in baby years) gap in their ages and they've only had six months to build this friendship anyway. well, michael and i are good friends with nathan's parents, les and shannon. so, nathan and luke are friends by default, but shannon and i are sure they'll be great buds (right, shannon?)

nathan (well, les & shannon) are loaning luke his exersaucer. here luke is trying it out at the birthday party -- and nathan is showing him some of the coolest features.

so, i do feel a little boring for not writing a really great post, but this is all you get for now. isn't my boy cute?!

i promise to write deep thoughts soon -- well, some point after may 2!!

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Les and Shannon said...

I am so looking forward to May 2 - Nathan is looking forward to it also because it means more play time!