Wednesday, November 05, 2008


i was tagged for this fun meme by julie: seven things you don't know about me. which is hard because many of you know me pretty well.

1) i was addicted to crossword puzzles in college. one of my roomies and i would work on the puzzle in usa today while we watched david letterman. once, we finished one. we framed it. or, at least we talked about framing it.

2) i have an iphone that my super cool boss at the super cool non-profit i work for had me buy (hi, rudy!). i've had it for a month and until today, had only added one application. now i have three: a crossword puzzler, an application that tracks my runs like a garmond and a bible. i might become addicted to crosswords again.

3) i never imagined that i'd be training for a marathon. michael wants to run a marathon before he turns 30 (in june), and i always thought he was a little crazy. kiley and i will run 18 miles on saturday. we're about a month away from the big day! never in my wildest dreams did i think i would be doing this. until about two years ago, i didn't even like running. and now, i might actually be a runner.

4) i worked for the olive garden for about ten months while we lived in indiana and it's still one of my favorite restaurants.

5) i'm not a phone talker. just ask my best girldfriend, kandice. i have grand intentions of calling her (and other friends), but don't think of it at appropriate times -- just 10:32 at night.

6) i'm an "otter," according to my husband. he listened to a radio broadcast today decribing personalities through four animals (otter, lion, beaver & golden retriever). i'm an otter because i like to have fun and i don't follow through very well. and, i procrastinate. but, i like to have fun!

7) i'm getting up tomorrow to run at 5am. i'm running 9 miles. on the treadmill. i just downloaded podcasts from alister begg to listen to because i'll probably be too tired for music at that early hour. i'm still up because my clothes are in the wash and if i intend to run, they need to be put in the dryer before we go to bed. i will be a tired girl when i wake up. and at our 9:30am staff meeting (sorry, rudy!)

i'm tagging elbie, cari, andrea, and stephanie.

that's all i've got. have a great night!

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